The Best Place for Tell Tale Signs: Small Caps?

The S&P 500 inched up a pitiful 0.03% last week. The Russell 2000 rallied 2.33%.

But that’s not the only reason small cap stocks are worth a second look right now.

As the weekly bar chart below shows, the Russell 2000 (NYSEArca: IWM) is bumping against significant double resistance.

The November 29 Profit Radar Report stated that: “Last week’s push higher happened during a holiday week on low volume, and therefore needs confirmation. RSI just barely failed to issue a bullish confirmation.

Small caps enter a bullish 1-month window (of relative outperformance compared to large caps) in mid-December. However, prior to catching this bullish seasonal tailwind, small caps will likely have to digest recent gains.”

This digestive period is now underway. Regardless of the immediate down side risk (which should be limited), the Russell 2000 sports the most pronounced overhead resistance.

A strong move above resistance may be the best tell tale sign of further gains. The Profit Radar Report will monitor the strength of any breakout to assess its longevity.

Simon Maierhofer is the publisher of the Profit Radar ReportThe Profit Radar Report presents complex market analysis (S&P 500, Dow Jones, gold, silver, euro and bonds) in an easy format. Technical analysis, sentiment indicators, seasonal patterns and common sense are all wrapped up into two or more easy-to-read weekly updates. All Profit Radar Report recommendations resulted in a 59.51% net gain in 2013 and 17.59% in 2014.

Follow Simon on Twitter @ iSPYETF


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